Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Launch Kerfuffle

Oh the excitement of it all!  

We had our first kerfuffle last night, which we were guided through by the traditions.  Our web guru had some preconceived thoughts about the launch of the site, which not everyone understood, and it ended up in a big, sticky mess.  But a few deep breaths, and some talk about anonymity being the foundation of all our traditions, and we were back on track and ready to move on.  Promotion is a tricky thing, and we will have to tread carefully -- attraction rather than. . .

That's the thing about using steps and traditions to guide our work --- there's always an answer.  Thousands of groups all over the world have used them to thrive for more than 60 years in the great tradition of AA.  I woke up this morning thinking YAY, we survived our fist challenge, and we are stronger and better than before.

Three weeks ago today our former leader pulled the plug on the chat portion of her site.   So many people found solace and healing there that it was hard to believe she would do that.  I had already decided to let go of my ego and let whatever happen there just play out.  But i have to admit I'm mighty happy that three weeks later, we're up and running and ready to help the next person who comes in a total wreck and needs person to person assistance in real time, as the chat format allows.  We have a good core group, and I'm ready for whatever the future has in store for us.


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