Sunday, August 14, 2011

Emmanuel Ekhator -- Nigerian Scammer

I received an "Offline Message" from a friend today about Emmanuel Ekhator.  He is a Nigerian con artist who was actually arrested and extradited to the US, according to the Washington Post, a pretty reputable news source. 

At first glance, this is really good news!  But reading further, i learned that "Prosecutors say the scam ring extorted more than $31 million dollars from more than 80 lawyers and law firms." Oh, so that's what it takes to get an alleged creep extradited: $31 million and a boat full of lawyers.  This leaves me feeling pretty ambivalent.

It's a good precedent, no doubt.  I hope it helps in the arrest and extradition of men who scam money for love.  I really do.  But does it help ordinary folks who have their life savings and self-esteem stolen by one of these creeps?  You tell me -- chime in here and give us your interpretation.  The original article is here:


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